Written by Clarissa Wei — April 05, 2012


There are many claims made about the acai berry, but what's for certain is that acai can kill cancer cells.

In study published by The University of Florida, six different chemical extracts were made from acai fruit pulp, and each extract was prepared in seven concentrations. Four of the extracts were shown to kill significant numbers of leukemia cells when applied for 24 hours. They found that acai berries triggered a self destruct response in up to 86% of human cancer cells.

The berry's ability to fight cancer was due to its powerful antioxidants and extremely high ORAC score. Antioxidants strengthen cells to fight off free radicals in the body that attack cells and damage DNA. The damage done by free radicals has been linked to a range of disorders including cancer, arthritis, atherosclerosis, Alzheimer's disease, and diabetes.

While the "acai can cure cancer" claim certainly isn't proven, research indicates that high level of antioxidants may help your body fight it.

So gobble up plenty of antioxidant-rich foods folks! Here's a link to a list of antioxidant-rich-food.

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